666 Summer Carnival--We are all in this together!


The long-awaited 666 summer carnival is finally coming. With excited and joyful mood, we start off the pleasant journey early in the morning. The hour’s drive is filled with interesting jokes, games, and charming songs, which infused loads of vitality and fun to the splendid morning.

Arriving at Kunshan modern creative farm, we changed the cool team uniforms. The day-long ‘Running Man’ began. Here, we cheered for our team, enjoyed the yummy BBQ, pulled together to search for mysterious men, skipped the rope on shiatsu plate, and tear the name card on the back. The four teams competed with each other for hundreds of rounds, presenting a lively contest atmosphere.


For the whole day, we are all in this together, enjoying the fun of competition as well as teamwork. Our Forest Group is more united than ever.