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4 bottle Wine Box to Carry Beer

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4 bottle Wine Box  to Carry Beer 

Need 4 bottle wine box to carry beer

We have got all supplies of your wine box supplies here! 

We've tried many different wine boxes over the years 

but this one is by far the best and our customers think so too. 

Larger and stronger than most on offer elsewhere. 

Ideal for carrying the beer with the paper handle, and each bottle is seperated, 

which is safe for the glass bottle

Special purpose packaging for wine boxes for carrying bottles of wine.

Features of the 4 bottle wine box to carry beer:
1. 300 gsm duplex board outside, and B flute corrugated board for the wine box
2. Full color CMYK /PMS (Pantone Matching System) Printing Process
3. Eco-friendly, recyclable, easy to set up
4. Available in any custom shape and Size
5. Available in any surface treatment, varnish, lamination, UV, hot stamping and so on

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