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Corrugated Packing Box for Heavy Duty

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Corrugated Packing Box for Heavy Duty


It is made of the corrugated board, which has many advantages. It is easy to shape, light weight and eco-friendly. Our corrugated packing boxes are ideal for storage and shipping where extra strength and protection are very important. Most carriers will insist on double walled packing boxes for removal or shipping and this corrugated packing boxes fulfill that requirement. Our double walled cardboard packing boxes are strong enough to stack on top of each other without collapsing or causing damage to the contents.  And you can print your logo and notice words on it.

Features of the corrugated packing box for heavy duty:
1. Thickness of the corrugated base on how heavy things do you want to carry
2. Stong, practical, Eco-friendly, recyclable
3. Available in any custom shape and Size


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